200+ Halfling Names and Last Names for Your DnD Characters

200+ Halfling Names And Last Names For Your DnD Characters

Awesome halfling names and last names collection for your DnD characters. Check the Dungeons and Dragons halfling character names before use. Get your own names list today! Halflings are from fantasy novels and games. Just half as tall as humans. But not stocky as dwarves. Halflings have slightly pointed ears. Cute curly-haired feet with leathery soles. They are often shown as stealthy and lucky.

Halflings had rapid reflexes. The cute little creatures can quickly recover from harm. Well known for their strong personality. Sometimes they are also braver than most other humans. Halflings can cast magical spells. Because of their luck barely anyone can injure them in dangerous situations. Generally, halflings are happy and kind in nature. Lovely looks make them appear harmless.

Take a quick look at good elf names or garden gnome names. They are small body structures in a world full of larger species. Most halflings act polite towards the larger races. Halfling communities were small. The tightly knit communities settled with other races. The halflings looked to their family members for guidance. This reliance on bloodlines is unparallel. It allowed halfling traditions to survive for millennia.

Halfling Names

Want halfling names good ideas for Dungeons & Dragons? Cheatsheet to ultimate name collection of halflings. Get top ten DnD names for halfling with meaning:

  1. Amaryllis is a flower with the meaning “sparkling” in Greek.
  2. Hilda is a name of Old Norse origin that means “war”.
  3. Mirabella is a name of Latin origin that means “wonder”.
  4. Drogo is a word of English origin that means “to carry”.
  5. Teagan is a name of Irish origin that means “lovely”.
  6. Furret is a diminutive name of Latin origin that means “little thief”.
  7. Verna is a feminine given name of Latin origin that means “springtime”.
  8. Yana is of Cherokee origin and means “bear”.
  9. Cotman is a term of English origin that means “one who lives in a poor abode”.
  10. Rorimac is a Gaelic name that translates as “red king”.

200+ Halfling Names And Last Names For Your DnD Characters


Halfling surnames are a crucial component of their culture. Because they are passed down through the generations. The following is a list of new surnames for both men and women:

  • Greenbottle’s name translates as a common fly.
  • Thorngage means the dream of living in a peaceful world.
  • Bullroarer’s term refers to an “ancient musical instrument.
  • Brushgather is a Bounty Hunter clone.
  • Ironless is a Middle English term.
  • Weteye was created by a Halfling.
  • Hiltopple is another name for a Halfling.
  • Leagallow is from the Dragon Age.
  • High-Hill refers to a high altitude.
  • Tosscobble is the name that translates as Beast Master.
  • Underbough is a name that means a low-lying branch of a tree.
  • Smoothbread is another common name among Halflings.
  • Zaragamba is an English word.
  • Goodbarrel is another Halfling name that means thief.
  • Laughingmap is another common name among the Halflings.
  • Flowale is derived from a piece of writing called Whispering Pines.


  • Sire
  • Gamwich
  • Trill
  • Jallisall
  • Boffin
  • Hairywind
  • Bunce
  • Melilot
  • Fardrum
  • Burrows
  • Hornblower
  • Bolger
  • Ashworthy
  • Talbot
  • Gammidge
  • Weatherbee
  • Greenspan
  • Oldfur
  • Stoutgrass
  • Orgulas
  • Burrows


  • Stoutgrass
  • Talbot
  • Amster
  • Hotwill
  • Glerwolk
  • Milddraft
  • Diggle
  • Coldsleep
  • Tealeaf
  • Dale
  • Bano
  • Coldfall
  • Flowwind
  • Dudley
  • Took
  • Greenspan
  • Ostgood
  • Longriver
  • Earthswan
  • Pott
  • Bolger


  • Fling
  • Hemoth
  • Itsybitsy
  • Kneebiter
  • Whizzlefizz
  • Twoeye
  • Magictrick
  • Halfstepper
  • Octave
  • Hlucky
  • Underfoot
  • Yelf
  • Dyce
  • Cumberstone
  • Holo
  • Berr
  • Sneakalot
  • Tatto

200+ Halfling Names And Last Names For Your DnD Characters


Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop fantasy role-playing game. Halflings avoid being noticed. Sometimes they may offend larger creatures.


  • Linhace
  • Rickas
  • Elwan
  • Linmin
  • Vinmo
  • Halry
  • Sharamin
  • Wildal
  • Hallan
  • Jorin
  • Pergin
  • Eltran
  • Quinner
  • Wileon
  • Uriyas
  • Kaskas
  • Yenry
  • Flynyas
  • Taryas
  • Golos
  • Sharmo
  • Erumo
  • Ulry
  • Pimrin
  • Corret
  • Valdak
  • Barbin
  • Vinkas
  • Sandon
  • Mermo

“First there were dragons, then dwarves, then elves, then humans. Now it’s our turn!”

– Old halfling saying.

  • Vinbin
  • Kasorin
  • Xover
  • Flynbul
  • Sanvias
  • Janumo
  • Vindak
  • Ulwan
  • Elnad
  • Quowrick
  • Wenyver
  • Zalgin
  • Belster
  • Saneon
  • Linry
  • Valry
  • Wilsire
  • Conorin
  • Yarhace
  • Davfire
  • Xanhace
  • Pimric
  • Koramin
  • Iragin
  • Pimmin
  • Quinder
  • Sanzu
  • Ricamin
  • Quovias
  • Perpher


  • Hawyse
  • Ricey
  • Shaelyse
  • Qusys
  • Darfira
  • Rida
  • Thamtrix
  • Jilbyn
  • Jayyola
  • Kithzana
  • Bretina
  • Frone
  • Yomita
  • Xiyola
  • Ankis
  • Hilphina
  • Ansys
  • Eralyse
  • Risys
  • Sayra
  • Valeigh
  • Thamtina
  • Unamia
  • Unafice
  • Wikath
  • Paeyola
  • Keldrey
  • Neddrey
  • Hawyn
  • Xanvyre

“If journeys came with rulebooks, he’d probably just disobeyed every word.”

– Halflings (Heather Burch)

  • Darphina
  • Wielle
  • Fayris
  • Nealyn
  • Wisica
  • Qinys
  • Xanprys
  • Verzana
  • Verola
  • Fenula
  • Trynvyre
  • Unatrix
  • Lekis
  • Oraalyn
  • Welfira
  • Lidna
  • Levyre
  • Zenris
  • Arihaly
  • Trynrana
  • Eiula
  • Yesula
  • Belzana
  • Odisys
  • Xancey
  • Anelle
  • Rizana
  • Gelsira
  • Kitheni
  • Syljen

200+ Halfling Names And Last Names For Your DnD Characters

Origin of Halflings

Halfling is derived from the Scots term “hauflin”. This means an awkward rustic adolescent. Someone who are neither man nor boy and therefore half of both. Halfling cultures value quiet lives and substantial meals. They are inquisitive and kind. Halflings are based on hobbits from J. R. R. Tolkien‘s The Hobbit (1934). The Lord of the Rings trilogy also referred to the same.

AD&D‘s three halfling subraces, the hairfeet, stout, and tallfellow. Closely resemble Tolkien’s three hobbit breeds, the harfoot, stoor, and fallohide. As well as their proclivity for mixed ancestry. Halfling history was, for the most part, uneventful, much like the race itself.

The exception with Halflings of the Strongheart country of Luiren lacked a cohesive culture to call their own. Halflings, according to records and evidence, emerged relatively recently. Following the emergence of the creator races, about the same time as dwarves, elves, and giants. The original habitat of halflings is unknown, although it may have been south of the Shaar. Since few were seen in the north until after the Hin Ghostwars. A terrible event that separated the halflings into their present three breeds.


1. Do halflings have last names?

Halfling surnames represent significant characters in Dungeons & Dragons games. They have two names. The first is a personal name and the second is a family name handed down via their paternal lineage.

2. What is a halfling monk?

A halfling monk is a rare find. Halflings get dexterity, which is perfect for the monk.

3. What are some cool DND names?

Trynvyre, Lekis, Arihaly, Janumo, Ricamin, Valeigh are cool DND names.

4. Where are Lightfoot halflings from?

Tallfellow halflings were lightfoot who lived on Oerth and Greyspace.

5. Are halflings Fey?

A halfling is almost a humanoid figure not wild.

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