The 300+ Cool Anime Names Ideas for Your New Character

Anime Names— Anime characters are very famous worldwide. A beautiful blend of unnatural beauty and charismatic personality. Far better compared to real people worth fantasizing about. Passion for their hobbies is the biggest turn-on. Most of the anime characters stay neet and clean. Their attire exactly resembles a person’s imagination. Gentleness is often considered their weakness in the real world. We can find some inspiration here. Anime characters deserve to be role models for you.

Boys and girls fascinate beautiful Anime 2D characters. The roles were crafted by the greatest minds ever. Not just the way they look. The complete story, background music, and strong character building. Anime culture is quite complex. Normalizing the storyline to connect with the audience makes it less weird. Real-world humans stand no chance in front of these wonderful characters. Humans love to fantasize about things not even real. Nothing wrong to dream about a perfect life partner.

The market value of the Anime world will reach $48.3 billion by 2030. Reasons why Anime Names are a new trend—

  • Fabulousness
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Thoughtful

You can check our Anime Boy Names and Anime Girl Names collection. The unnatural beauty of the anime characters is defined by big eyes. Perfect skin, beautiful teeth, and colourful hair are what we all want. Creators balance well the roles making them look more appealing. Many times boys and girls are hurt in life by a significant other. Dishonesty followed by infidelity and lacking expectations ruins relationships. The audience finds some comfort in watching Beauty with honesty.

Cool Anime Names

Want the best Anime Names to give your boy or girl? Good, cute, funny, popular names complete collection from Attack on Titan, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, One Piece, One Punch Man, and many series here—

1. Haruka—This Japanese name has many meanings and symbolisms. Despite its peaceful connotations, this name has a deeper anime link.

2. Inori—Another gorgeous anime name, Inori is significant in the anime community. Inori, the Japanese term for “prayer,” is a peaceful, caring, and spiritually connected persona.

3. Takumi—Sports and competition anime commonly feature Takumi. The Japanese terms for “skill” or “artisan,” this name describes a talented, driven person who strives for excellence in whatever they do.

4. Himiko—This old Japanese name gives anime characters mystique and power. Himiko, often linked with queens or priestesses, is a strong leader with a supernatural connection.

5. Hange—This unusual and impactful anime name is typically used in exploration and scientific discovery episodes. This name denotes a curious, bright, and unafraid to question social standards character.

6. Hinata—Anime shows about friendship and personal growth often feature Hinata, a pleasant and friendly name. Originating from the Japanese terms for “sunshine” or “place in the sun,” Hinata is a character who offers positivity to others.

7. Mirajane—This charming anime name is commonly given to characters with magical powers or a strong supernatural connection. This name symbolizes a mysterious, strong, and transformative nature.

8. Ayato—In action-packed anime, Ayato is brave, daring, and always ready for a battle. Originating from the Japanese words for “flying” or “soaring,” Ayato implies a highly agile fighter.

9. Rize—Anime characters with complicated personalities typically have the mysterious and alluring name Rize. Rize, from the Japanese word meaning “splendour” or “beauty,” is elegant, confident, and fascinating. Dark figures with secret agendas are sometimes named thus.

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10. Rangiku—Anime stories with comic aspects often feature Rangiku, a whimsical and charming name. A character with this name is lively, funny, and offers delight to others. Rangiku is a mischievous but loving character.

11. Karma—Anime characters who grow and change are typically named Karma, which has deep meaning and symbolism. Karma, a Sanskrit word meaning “action” or “deed,” symbolizes cause and effect and denotes a character who learns from previous mistakes and strives for improvement.

12. Touka—Elegant and graceful, Touka commonly belongs to anime characters who fight for justice and their beliefs. From the Japanese terms meaning “transparency” or “oneness,” Touka is compassionate, determined, and relentless in their quest for righteousness.

13. Nezuko—Anime tales about family and protection often use the warm and compassionate name Nezuko. Nezuko, Japanese meaning “kitten” or “child,” is innocent, compassionate, and deeply loyal to her family.

14. Ken—Anime warriors are typically named Ken, which conveys power and resilience. Ken, from the Japanese word for “sword,” is strong, tenacious, and unshakable in its goals.

15. Yukihira—Anime characters who love cooking often have the serene, pure name Yukihira. Yukihira, derived from the Japanese words for “snow” and “plains,” is inventive, imaginative, and always pushing their skill.

16. Atsumu—Anime characters that thrive in athletics or other team-oriented activities are often named Atsumu, which means togetherness and teamwork. Atsumu, from the Japanese words for “gather” or “assemble,” values teamwork and others’ contributions.

17. Ichigo—Anime characters who discover themselves and mature commonly have the name Ichigo, which means determination and tenacity. Ichigo, from the Japanese words for “one” and “go,” is a character with a strong sense of purpose who overcomes obstacles to attain their goals.

18. Akeno—Anime characters with supernatural or mystical capabilities typically have the mysterious name Akeno. Akeno, derived from the Japanese words for “morning” and “field,” is a magical character.

19. Kaoru—Elegant and refined, Kaoru typically belongs to anime characters who are artistic or love beauty. Kaoru, the Japanese word for “fragrance” or “aroma,” is a character with a high aesthetic sense who may succeed in music, painting, or literature.

20. Gilbert—Anime characters with royal or high-ranking names typically have the name Gilbert, which expresses loyalty and dignity. Gilbert, an Old Germanic character, is dignified, honourable, and fiercely protective of their ideas and loved ones.

300+ Anime Girl Names Popular List With Series


Quality collection of names from good Anime shows—

21.  Misty from “Pokémon”.

22.  Katsuki from “My Hero Academia”.

23.  Rangiku of “Bleach”.

24.  Lucy of “Elfen Lied”.

25.  Revy of “Black Lagoon”.

26.  Inori from “Guilty Crown”.

27.  Sukuna from “Jujutsu Kaisen”.

28.  Tatsumaki from “One-Punch Man“

29.  Dawn from “Pokémon”.

30.  Aries of “Fairy Tail”.

31.  Makoto from “Free!”.

32.  Tsubaki of “Soul Eater”.

33.  Celty of “Durarara!!”.

34.  Leafa of “Sword Art Online”.

35.  Lucy of “Fairy Tail”.

36.  Meliodas from “The Seven Deadly Sins”.

37.  Rin from “Naruto”.

38.  Maki of “Jujutsu Kaisen”.

39.  Yuno of “Future Diary”.

40.  Holo from “Spice & Wolf”.

41.  Satsuki of “Kill la Kill”.

42.  Haruhi of “Ouran High School Host Club”.

43.  Rika from “Air Gear”.

44.  Tsukuyo of “Gintama”.

45.  Rei of “Highschool of the Dead”.

46.  Parona of “To Your Eternity”.

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47.  Asirpa of “Golden Kamuy”.

48.  Ellis of “Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance”.

49.  Shizune from “Naruto”.

50.  Shiro of “Deadman Wonderland”.

51.  William of “Black Butler”.

52.  Yuzuru of “Angel Beats”.

53.  Toga of “Vampire Knight”.

54.  Masamune from “Aoharu x Kikanjuu”.

55.  Klein from “Sword Art Online”.

56.  Trunks of “Dragon Ball Z”.

57.  Shanks of “One Piece”.

Anime Names


Kawaii collection of names Anime you must try today—

58.  Rin from “Fate/Stay Night”.

59.  Rize from “Tokyo Ghoul”.

60.  Eucliwood of “Is This a Zombie?”.

61.  Saegusa from “Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei”.

62.  Mitsuki from “Beyond the Boundary”.

63.  Inori from “Guilty Crown”.

64.  Tatsumaki from “One-Punch Man”.

65.  Dawn from “Pokémon”.

66.  Aries of “Fairy Tail”.

67.  Tsubaki of “Soul Eater”.

68.  Celty of “Durarara!!”.

69.  Leafa of “Sword Art Online”.

70.  Lucy of “Fairy Tail”.

71.  Sakura of “Cardcaptor Sakura”.

72.  Lala from “To Love-Ru”.

73.  Soifon of “Bleach”.

74.  Chiyuki from “Death Parade”.

75.  Haruhi of “Ouran High School Host Club”.

76.  Rika from “Air Gear”.

77.  Ellis of “Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance”.

78.  Tetsuya from “Kuroko’s Basketball”.

79.  Marika of “Nisekoi”.

80.  Mami from “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”.

81.  Shirai of “A Certain Magical Index”.

82.  Minami from “Baka and Test— Summon the Beasts”.

83.  Sakamoto from “Sakamoto desu ga”.

84.  Archer of “Fate/Stay Night”.

85.  Rei from “Free!”.

86.  Soo-Won of “Akatsuki no Yona”.

87.  Renji from “Bleach”.

88.  Komuro of “Highschool of the Dead”.

89.  Saruhiko from “K”.

90.  Madoka from “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”.

91.  Nana of “Nana”.

300+ Anime Boy Names Popular List With Series


Hilarious names from Anime to make people laugh—

92.  Sonic from “One Punch Man”.

93.  Osamu of “Bungou Stray Dogs”.

94.  Jellal of “Fairy Tail”.

95.  Sanji of “One Piece”.

96.  Tsubaki of “Soul Eater”.

97.  Yukihira from “Food Wars!— Shokugeki no Soma”.

98.  Sebastian of “Black Butler”.

99.  Hatori from “Fruits Basket”.

100.  Yuri of “Yuri!!! on Ice”.

101.  Eren from “Attack on Titan”.

102.  Wakatoshi from “Haikyuu!!”.

103.  Izaya of “Durarara!!”.

104.  Sosuke from “Bleach”.

105.  Charlotte from “Infinite Stratos”.

106.  Sesshomaru of “Inuyasha”.

107.  Tetsuya from “Kuroko’s Basketball”.

108.  Kuroyukihime from “Accel World”.

109.  Hanako from “Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun”.

110.  Satsuki of “Kill la Kill”.

111.  Sting of “Fairy Tail”.

112.  Kisuke from “Bleach”.

113.  Chikage of “Hakuouki”.

114.  Ruki from “Diabolik Lovers”.

115.  Yuki from “Fruits Basket”.

116.  Gilbert of “Violet Evergarden”.

117.  Ban from “The Seven Deadly Sins”.

118.  Inuyasha of “Inuyasha”.

119.  Kaido from “Super Lovers”.

120.  Madara from “Naruto”.

121.  Trafalgar of “One Piece”.

122.  Ash from “Banana Fish”.

123.  Tsukasa of “Shokugeki No Soma – Food Wars!”.

124.  Izana from “Izana Wistaria First Prince of Clarines”.

125.  Killua of “Hunter x Hunter”.

126.  Gilbert of “Pandora Hearts”.

127.  Utakata from “Naruto”.

Anime Names


Names everyone loves to name after from popular Anime shows—

128.  Kakashi from “Naruto”.

129.  Karma of “Assassination Classroom”.

130.  Levi from “Attack on Titan”.

131.  Kagami from “Lucky Star”.

132.  Rin of “Blue Exorcist”.

133.  Giyu from “Demon Slayer— Kimetsu no Yaiba”.

134.  Hirasawa of “K-ON!”.

135.  Haruka from “Free!”.

136.  Zack of “Angels of Death”.

137.  Gin from “Hotarubi no Mori e”.

138.  Takumi of “Maid Sama!”.

139.  Minato from “Naruto”.

140.  Soushi from “Inu x Boku Secret Service”.

141.  Haru of “My Little Monster”.

142.  Light from “Death Note”.

143.  Ichigo from “Bleach”.

144.  Kotaro from “Haikyuu!!”.

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145.  Mako of “Kill la Kill”.

146.  Osamu from “Haikyuu!!”.

147.  Kurapika of “Hunter x Hunter”.

148.  Kirito from “Sword Art Online”.

149.  Ichinose of “Uta no Prince-Sama”.

150.  Marika of “Nisekoi”.

151.  Gareki from “Karneval”..

152.  Edward of “Fullmetal Alchemist”.

153.  Hikaru of “Ouran High School Host Club”.

154.  Uzumaki from “Naruto”.

155.  Chrollo of “Hunter x Hunter”.

156.  Mikaela from “Seraph of the End”.

157.  Roy of “Fullmetal Alchemist”.

158.  Tokoyami from “My Hero Academia”.

159.  Shizuo of “Durarara!!”.

160.  Freed of “Fairy Tail”.

161.  Ciel of “Black Butler”.

162.  Shunsuke from “Charlotte”.

163.  Yamato of “Suki-tte Ii na yo.”.

164.  Hayama from “Shokugeki No Soma – Food Wars!”.

165.  Roronoa of “One Piece”.

166.  Undertaker of “Black Butler”.

Anime Names


The time period is a vital point. You have to sync the time period of your story with your character’s age properly. Try to connect your characters’ names with their cultural background. Choice the amazing anime name Japanese word which will fit her character’s personality.

Ensure your character name means at least something, valid fullmetal alchemist. Pay close attention to the name’s good anime fan female character in the series’ meaning. Especially in the fruit basket try avoiding cherry blossom close naming in between side characters.

Back up your unique anime girl and anime boy names with a proper back story. Unusual names generally never Japanese words come from parents. A place in Fullmetal Alchemist where love and affection are missing can be a good sweet spot manga series. Nicknames of a side role can amazing anime tell anime series female characters fruits basket a lot about the character in Japanese manga series.

Never create names that end with the letter S. Good connections between first and last names are always neon genesis evangelion desired anime fan. Never try female characters to impersonate cherry blossom a Japanese word superstar. Outranking fullmetal alchemist that identifies good anime is the fruits Basket character in the series almost zero Japanese manga. A king’s tip— never give names to every character.

Why Anime Names Are So Popular?

The first reason for anime’s popularity is its wide diversity of genres. In anime girl and anime boy, everyone at cherry blossom appreciates amazing anime manga series with different tales, genres, and styles! The numerous genres of good anime covered by anime girl and anime boy names include romance, humour, action/adventure, mystery/suspense, and horror.

So start with something you’re interested in. Different types of storylines are told in anime names. There are anime series numerous opportunities for sailor moon anime fans and the artist to be creative and develop Japanese culture with fresh anime girl and anime boy names.

This is why the neon Genesis Evangelion Japanese word for each anime show can appeal to a different manga series audience. Furthermore, in Fullmetal Alchemist, there are manga series stories that fruit basket Japanese culture anime fans everyone would like an anime girl and anime boy, so the sailor moon anime series Japanese culture neon genesis evangelion are excellent gifts to give to friends and family.

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Final Words

Thank you for reading my article. I tried to provide the best anime names complete list. You now have character names series-wise. Avoid names generator anime to create a character name. Enjoy kawaii names and don’t forget to pin.

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