100 Accurate Frat Boy Names | Most Common, Funny, Typical

Celebrate brotherhood with frat boy names huge collection. We love and protect our homies from any danger. Choosing a name shows how much you care for your man.

The Latin word fraternities is the source of the frat. Frat is actually a short form of fraternity. Body of men summoned by common interest is the meaning of fraternity.

You can check the best group chat names for friends and family or Best Whatsapp Group Names. Today I will share an ultimate collection of frat boy name list for you.


Get frat boy names like Sebastian, Kurt, Joel, Brett, Trevor, Aaron, and many typical, most common, funny, preppy, good choices. Every college lad is different in characteristics. Based on the boy type you assign a name.

1.  Jeff: Wears his hitting the fairway clothing to class.
2.  Kurt: Pees his bed consistently.
3.  Terence: Will take your sweetheart without regret.
4.  Jon: Hates Timothy.
5.  Trevor: His folks have rescued him of prison, in any event, multiple times.
6.  Sebastian: The pretender who thinks he is extreme poo on the grounds that his father claims Walmart.
7.  Clint: Straightens and features his hair himself.
8.  Aaron: Falls sleeping before the gathering begins.
9.  Brett: Says ‘brother’ an excessive lot.
10.  Joel: Seems like a pleasant person. In reality a significant di*k.


A good collection of typical frat boy names here. You can conduct a frat boy name quiz. Play and figure out what name is for whom.

11.  Aidan: Takes his dates to Taco Bell.
12.  Levi: Has a pony puppet assortment.
13.  Travis: Very tall.
14.  Bert: Shaves chest hair.
15.  Chris: He’s the commander of each intramural group, and doesn’t lose.
16.  Xavier: Punches dividers occasionally.
17.  Lincoln: Gets Botox once like clockwork.
18.  Noah: The one each young lady is fixated on.
19.  Rich: Loves Toga parties excessively a lot.

Bryson is an OG name you can give someone who hates water. To be honest, scares water, LOL!

20.  Pauly: Writes love melodies to his ex on Friday evenings.
21.  Bryson: Has an American banner swimming outfit.
22.  James: Never quiets down about the young ladies he connects with.
23.  Timothy: The sweet person who misses secondary school.
24.  Brandon: Has abs of a divine being and the GPA of somebody who never goes to class.
25.  Kory: Wishes Taylor Swift actually had wavy hair.
26.  Grayson: The modest one who has never kissed a young lady yet.
27.  Brady: Wanna be Justin Bieber.
28.  Billy: Addicted to the new girls.


Ben, Ted, Richard are some most common frat boy names. You will find out more easy to remember names here.

29.  Ben: The person who is a real sense doesn’t talk.
30.  Ted: Has a thing for pumpkin picking.
31.  Trent: Super hot and excessively bigoted.
32.  Jackson: Captain of the football crew. Got a young lady pregnant a week ago.
33.  Todd: He’s thin and excited about nonexclusive, white, professional comics.
34.  Devin: Obsessed with lifting.
35.  Cam: Always the butt face.
36.  Barrett: Says things, as I wish at my age things, were awesome, yet now!
37.  Scratch: Truly thinks often about each young lady he converses with.

Abe is a very common frat boy shorts name.

38.  Garrett: Low key the best person on the planet.
39.  Vince: Your unlawful substance hookup.
40.  Dylan: Always excessively boisterous. Continuously to an extreme.
41.  Fold: LOVES ‘Fold Everlasting’.
42.  Abe: The sort of fellow who grins creepily at each young lady he meets.
43.  Richard: Gets nail trims.
44.  Wells: Obsessed with canines. Casings photographs of them in his entryway room.
45.  Tony: The mom’s kid who causes her to send him protein powder via the post office.
46.  Pursue: He is most likely going to assume control over his dad’s law office after school.

funny frat boy names


Doug, Burglarize, Tracker are funny frat boy names. Hilarious names are mostly preffered. It brings smile on faces everytime you use those names.

47.  Neal: The town butt face with no channel.
48.  Andrew: Has no beard.
49.  Carter: King of inception.
50.  Matt: The solitary thing he realizes how to do is play Flip Cup.
51.  Jacob: He’s more pleasant than the vast majority of his siblings, yet at the same time sort of a douche.
52.  Alex: The gaunt child who simply needs to resemble a ‘Dylan’.
53.  Randy: Theater major. Not gay!
54.  Matthew: Average in a literal sense.
55.  Ryan: Literally won’t ever grin. Major resting bitch face.

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56.  Derek: Never quiets down about his Rolex.
57.  Dick: Drinks ‘Folgers’ espresso.
58.  Cody: Owns a yacht. That’s the long and short of it.
59.  Leather treater: Never knows what’s going on, yet some way or another has a shockingly high GPA.
60.  Doug: Feels stripped without a sweater vest on.
61.  Burglarize: Only possesses ‘Sperrys’ and plaid shorts.
62.  Oliver: Still wears polos.
63.  Tracker: Amateur pornography star.
64.  Josh: Obsessed with baseball. Sort of a sissy.


Zach, Logan, Tyler are good frat boy names. You can feel a vibe to respect these names. A great list for your crush to name after. Check Questions to Ask your Crush to learn how to break the ice.

65.  Wiles: In adoration with his cousin.
66.  Zach: Literally charms the jeans off of young ladies each day in turn.
67.  Aidan: Has an Instagram devoted to Chipotle.
68.  Owen: Cried during Toy Story 3. Boisterously.
69.  Pete: Sexts dreadful conversation starters to young ladies he JUST met.
70.  Caleb: He’s taken, and extraordinarily appealing, however, most likely undermining his sweetheart.
71.  Logan: Loves pumpkin spiced lattes more than you.
72.  Spencer: The ruler of wearing his caps in reverse.
73.  Chad: Probably has his letters inked someplace on his body.

Kevin is a good frat boy names that start with K.

74.  Landon: Cheats on his significant distance sweetheart from back home.
75.  Tyler: Very into “Ruler of the Rings” and most likely knows every one of the legislative halls of European nations.
76.  Liam: All American rich butt head.
77.  Martin: Carries an umbrella at even the smallest possibility of a downpour.
78.  Taylor: Still makes thump wisecracks.
79.  Brian: Wear his society gear for each opportunity he has.
80.  Kevin: Calls his mother crying after the remainder of his fraternity ridicules him.
81.  John: Draws on his abs.
82.  Will: The kind of fellow who doesn’t play guitar, however, has one in his space to dazzle young ladies.


Ethan, Jack, Collin, William are preppy frat boy names. You can realize the charm from these rich fragrances.

83.  Jared: Shows up excluded to each party.
84.  Greg: Only competitor in the study hall.
85.  Eli: Has no thought why he joined this society.
86.  Jack: Knows every one of the words to ‘Part Of Your World’ from The Little Mermaid.
87.  Chet: Honesty the most noticeably awful.
88.  Ethan: The accommodating person. Loves ‘Gilmore Girls’.
89.  Isaac: Makes time in his timetable to contend with the insane.
90.  Topher: Was tormented in center school. Still has bad dreams about it.
91.  Witt: Still a virgin.

Steve is a cool frat boy names that start with S.

92.  Connor: All-time record holder for the longest barrel stand.
93.  Julian: Somewhat nice looking.
94.  Steve: Lives off of Miller Lite.
95.  Toby: Secretly infatuated with Alex.
96.  Collin: He has the ideal beer belly.
97.  Dom: Kinky as damnation.
98.  William: Taller than Travis.
99.  Luke: He is surprisingly hot.
100.  Brent: Shaves his chest hair.
100 Accurate Frat Boy Names | Most Common, Funny, Typical
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