How to Deactivate Fb Account? Only 3 Step Solution

How to Deactivate Fb Account

Do you know How to deactivate Fb account information and all its data? If you want to know how to download the data available on Facebook before deleting the account then this blog is written for you.

On the off chance that you forever erase your record, it truly is a way for acceptance. All the substances you transferred, including your photographs, will vanish into the ether of the web. You won’t have the option to utilize Messenger either. What’s more, the main discernible hint of your Facebook post will be old sent messages sitting in the inboxes of your companions. (BTW, Facebook doesn’t tell your companions that you have erased or deactivated your records.)

how to Deactivate FB account?

To deactivate your Facebook account, click the accompanying connection and pick the ‘Deactivate Account‘ choice, and afterward follow the means to affirm your choice.

To reactivate your record subsequent to deactivating it, just sign in to your Facebook account again utilizing your email address or telephone number, and secret phrase. Your profile will be revived.

How to Delete Fb Account Permanently from Mobile & Desktop?

  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Access the accompanying connection:
  • Snap the Delete Account button on Facebook. button.
  • In the window that opens, enter your secret word, at that point click the Continue button on Facebook. button.
  • At last, click the Facebook Delete Account button. button.
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How to Delete Fb Account Permanently from Mobile & Desktop

What do before deleting my FB account?

  • Reinforcement of your information in the event that you’d like a duplicate.
  • Renounce application authorizations.
  • Erase Facebook’s applications from your gadgets.
  • Consider an erasure commemoration to inform companions of your takeoff.

Repudiating consents makes it simple to spot which applications depend on your Facebook account. These would then be able to be fixed, maintaining a strategic distance from future access issues.

More FAQs:

1. Difference between deactivating and deleting my FB account?

Deactivating your Facebook account is a transitory measure. Cancellation is increasingly changeless. We’ll cover both here as they have various ramifications for your own security. By and large, notwithstanding, deactivation implies there’s as yet close to home data about you on the web. Erasing Facebook doesn’t mean every one of your subtleties will be deleted, however.

3. After Deactivating my Facebook account. How do I reactivate it?

How to deactivate FB account has an easy answer but some [people want to reactivate it then follow the three steps to get into FB again

  1. Open Facebook. Tap the Facebook application symbol, which looks like a white “f” on a dim blue foundation.
  2. Enter your email address. Tap the “Email address or telephone number” text box, at that point type in the email address which you use to sign in to Facebook.
  3. You can likewise enter your telephone number here on the off chance that you recently added it to your Facebook account.

Enter your secret key. Tap the “Secret phrase” text box, at that point type in the secret phrase that you use to sign in to Facebook.

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On the off chance that you don’t recollect your secret phrase, you’ll have to reset it before you can proceed.

4. How do I permanently delete my Facebook account?

In case you’re determined to delete your Facebook permanently, click the accompanying connection and pick the ‘Delete Account‘ choice.

Before erasing your record, however, you might need to download your Facebook information. To do this, click the ‘Download Info’ button first. The record that starts downloading will contain your Facebook profile data, so be exceptionally cautious about where you keep it.


It might appear to be a tremendous test to keep remain hidden online nowadays, yet don’t let this lead you to a condition of lack of concern towards your own touchy information. You can generally look at a few extraordinary choices to Google benefits that aren’t keen on reaping outrageous measures of data about you. For increasingly valuable tips on carrying on with the computerized life in harmony, we suggest investigating our top to bottom manual for online security.

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