How to get PUBG FREE Royal PASS | PUBG Free UC

PUBG FREE Royal pass tricks: The PUBG Mobile Royal Pass is a seasonal campaign where players rank up and earn RP to unlock rewards such as items and cosmetic skins. There are two kinds of Royal Passes – Free & Elite. Free does not require any purchase while Elite costs 600 UC. 7 Applicable tricks to get PUBG FREE Royal PASS  and PUBG Free UC. Using the PUBG Royal pass you can get awesome sun skin, and a mythic dress worth high UC.

PUBG FREE Royal PASS Tricks & PUBG Free UC Tricks

Here I come with 7 tricks and steps given for utilizing the PUBG UC tricks for application of it. Please apply those 7 tricks one might give you PUBG free Royal Pass.

1. PUBG FREE UC GIVEAWAY [100% works]


This is the easiest method to get free UC in PUBG Mobile. You simply have to open the UC Giveaways Live Videos on Youtube & participate in the custom rooms to Win Free PUBG UC or Free PUBG Royal Pass.

But the question is where you can get PUBG Free Royal pass and PUBG free UC giveaway channels on youtube. Please follow the steps

  • Open youtube from your device
  • Search for PUBG Free Royal pass giveaway for free or Royal pass giveaway like that.
  • Mainly go to the live stream going on, they ask you to subscribe to comment.
  • Just comment and subscribe to participate in the event.
  • chances are less but there has a chance of at least.
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2. USING VPN TRICKS GET PUBG Free UC [May or may not Work]


Fоllоw thе gіvеn stерs bеlоw to get free pubg UC and Free PUBG Royal Pass:

  • Dоwnlоаd а VРΝ frоm Gооglе Рlауtоrе. І’ll suggеst ЕхрrеssVРΝ fоr thіs раrtісulаr trісk.
  • Соnnесt То Ѕоuth Κоrеа or USA.
  • Now, Make a new USA or Ѕоuth Κоrеа Gmail account(make from youtube for OTP bypass).
  • Go to the PlayStore, Open that Gmail account that you have just created.
  • Then, Go to the Play Points and click on the “GET STARTED”.
  • You will see some applications there that you will earn points.
  • Click on that application to install it and press cancel if you don’t want to install that application.
  • The first time you will get 45 points in account.
  • Wait for 1-2 weeks, you will find some other applications.
  • After you get 100 points, Go to ‘USE’ and ‘BUY’ 60UC from those points.
  • Simply, repeat these steps periodically and earn up to 8100 UC within 1 month.
  • Hurrah, You can use that UC cash to purchase ROYAL PASS FOR FREE IN PUBG

3. Using PlayStore Get PUBG Free Royal Pass Money [100% works]

Using PlayStore Get PUBG Free Royal Pass Money

Sometimes google itself to give you some discount on in-game purchase so you can go and check your offers in google play store.Please follow the steps to get PUBG Free Royal Pass. If you don’t know about Google play store gift card then follow these steps

  • Go to your Phone and open you Google PlayStore application
  • Tap on left side menu >> Then go to Notification. Where you gonna found Some game credits and some pre-register games and all.
  • Here in the play store, every single email has different discount offers.
  • Sometimes you gonna gets almost 99% and 100% of some in-game purchase so please go and watch you notification always before buying anything.
  • Here you have to spend some money so if you are not happy to spend money then please read the gift card section.
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4. PUBG Free Royal Pass Gift from Friend [100% works]

PUBG Free Royal Pass Gift from Friend

A gift means If you have a good friend and family member if they are happy to spend some money on your game but we all know that lots of our friends and family member not happy with that.thats how you can get PUBG free Royal Pass.

sometimes if you are a good player and you record your gameplay then some brand come to you and give you some money and all so you can get free UC in pubg.

5. Third-Party reward application [100% works]

Third-Party reward application

Therein market lots of applications available where you can go and do some tasks like website visit, application download, and can get PUBG Free Royal Pass. Here I am not going to tell you about this application If I am gonna tell someone gonna say that this is a paid post on it so for that reason sorry.

6. INDIA BONUS CHALLENGE PUBG Free Royal Pass UC [100% Working]


you could find it left next to ranking in bottom options. Yes, you get PUBG Free Royal Pass by playing some in-game tournament. you don’t need to pay a single rupee for it, Register in India Challenge Going on or crew challenge.

There you have to use your golden card which is given to everyone once and using it you have to register and after then you have to join a room and play a solo match against 40+ /100

The winner gets 250 UC or 300 points depending upon the 3 categories.

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You could exchange the points into UC 1000 points = 100 UC.

You can easily get up to 275 points in a match

And using that first you have to buy a new golden card to play the next match Costing 100 points

7. PUBG FREE Royal Pass Email Tricks [Not working right now]

PUBG FREE Royal Pass Email Tricks

For Getting PUBG Free Royal Pass you may try the email trick. Many people like me got the PUBG royal pass for Free using this trick. So Follow the steps to get Free PUBG Royal Pass

  • Sign out of all Gmail accounts and clear cache and data.
  • Open Pubg Mobile and click Buy 60 UC for 79Rs.
  • They will then ask you to log in. Login with a fresh Gmail account
  • They will ask for payment from you. Select Net Banking and then select your bank
  •  After choosing your bank, click on Buy, then they will ask you to write your password and then delete it (remember do not log in)
  • Then press the back button on your phone, then you will get a message written in which you will forget the password, you have to select no thanks and press the back button again.
  • Repeat these steps repeatedly with different Gmail accounts.

These tricks are available for some of the google play store special events only. it is not illegal to do.


Yes, you also can get a Free PUBG Royal pass and some UC if you show some regularity and patience. Try to use these tricks in between a month of new Royal pass, like you can try its upcoming season. Please let us know in a comment if you get a free PUBG Royal Pass or Free PUBG UC.So Happy gaming, please don’t hack PUBG mobile. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

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